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Vrigstads Hembygdsförening is a local historical society, in Vrigstad, Småland, in the south of Sweden.

About 900 persons emigrated from Vrigstad during 1852-1930. Almost all of them went to northern America. The society has a complete register of all emigrants from Vrigstad.
Read about Anders Esaiasson who left Vrigstad, Sweden, 1868. The early settlers and our Ancestors by Kenny Johnson.

”Med Vrigstademigrater över Atlanten”Emigration

Stig Marz has written a book about the emigrants from Vrigstad – ”Med Vrigstademigranter över Atlanten”. Here he presents the emigrants from Anders Johan August Johannesson, who left Swdeen 1852, to Mina Creutz, the last emigrant. She left Sweden 1930.

Do you need help to find your roots in the parish of Vrigstad (Vrigstads socken)? Please contact Stig Marz if you plan to visit Vrigstad and want to prepare your visit here.







Photo library
The society has a library of almost 6000 photos, the oldest from 1865. They are now published on this web-site. You can order a high resolution image file for any of the photos for 10 SEK each.

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